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Saturday, March 24th 2018
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    Alice Smithers
    I have been a member for 5 days
    TOTAL PROFIT: $71,175
    Timeo Cote
    I have been a member for 5 days
    TOTAL PROFIT: $43,536
    Jane Martin
    I have been a member for 9 days
    TOTAL PROFIT: $128,355
    Thomas Cooper
    I joined 5 days ago and I have made a
    TOTAL PROFIT: $71,175
    Berta Rojers
    A member for 4 days
    TOTAL PROFIT: $56,687
    Patrik Holub
    Joined 2 weeks ago
    TOTAL PROFIT: $202,804
    Susan Brooks
    I joined 2 days ago
    TOTAL PROFIT: $28,930.77
    Chamming Suen
    Joined yesterday
    TOTAL PROFIT: $14,589.65
    Andrew Fisher
    Joined 5 days ago
    TOTAL PROFIT: $71,175
    Eve Montene
    A member for 4 days
    TOTAL PROFIT: $56,687
    Otto Müller
    Joined 10 days ago
    TOTAL PROFIT: $139,899
    Asbjörn Johansson
    Joined yesterday and earned
    TOTAL PROFIT: $14,589.65


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    Jacob Jones
    From: USA
    Joined: 12.12.2017
    Profits to Date: $592,154.88

    I was one of the original Beta testers and this has changed my life in six months I have made enough to secure my financial future forever all thanks to John and Mirror Trader

    Sonia Roberts
    From: Canada
    Joined: 13.01.2018
    Profits to Date: $521,134.56

    It is so easy to use this system, you simply login and set it to Mirror John’s trades, still can’t believe how lucky I am to be part of this I have banked over a $100,000 in a week, I would have to work 3 years for this normally

    Manju Chander
    From: India
    Joined: 14.01.2018
    Profits to Date: $68,650.03

    In 2 days I have made over $28,000 dollars, this is incredible and it has given me an opportunity to help so many people out. I am now planning on travelling the world and seeing things I never thought I would be able to see. Thank you so much John.

    Lucy Bachmann
    From: South Africa
    Joined: 14.01.2018
    Profits to Date: $68,650.03

    If you have the chance to get onboard, you have to take this. John, you have changed mine and my family’s life forever in just 2 days. I have to admit I was nervous but as when the money appeared in my account it was like winning the lottery. I am still pinching myself and still in shock. Nearly $30,000 in just 2 days – OMG!